From our concert hall to your home! 

Palais Montcalm now presents webcasted shows. Our concert hall is now fully equipped for shooting and broadcasting live events.

Here are some tips for an optimal experience in the comfort of your home. 

Your passcode doesn’t work the night of a live streaming? Please call the box-office immediately (1 877 641-6040).

FAQ en français ici

Please prepare and test your audiovisual installations before the beginning of the webcast. Do not hesitate to ask a relative for help to properly configure your devices.

Common knowledge

You buy a unique access code (also called passcode) to watch a live webcast of the concert (or a replay if available).

No, the passcode is non-transferable and is valid for one viewing only. 

Live streaming means that the concert will start right on time (Eastern Standard Time in Quebec City, Canada). It’s impossible to go back while watching.

If applicable: When the video is also available in replay, an unused passcode at the time of live webcast (one view by passcode) will allow you to listen to the replay. The conditions of access will be clearly specified on Web page of the show. 

Yes. By browsing the calendar of our activities (French), it is possible to buy an access code until the very last moment. 

The night of the live streaming

A URL link is provided on your e-ticket. Example: 

Another way to find the URL link is to visit the concert Web page on our calendar

Your unique passcode is provided on the e-ticket you will recieve by e-mail after your purchase. You will be asked to type it in the player at the opening of the virtual concert hall.

You can’t find your passcode? Minutes after your purchase, make sure that:

  • The email containing your access code did not end up in your junk mail.  
  • The email address you gave us is accurate. 

You still can’t find it? Contact the Palais Montcalm box-office.
418 641-6040 (toll free: 1 877 641-6040)

The virtual concert hall opens 30 minutes before the performance. You won’t be able to enter your passcode before that, although you can access the webcast page.

  • Mobile device or tablet: Access the webcast link using your favorite browser. 
  • Laptop or desktop: Access the webcast link using your favorite browser. 
  • TV (HDMI cable): First make sure your computer is properly connected to your TV, then access the webcast link using your favorite browser.
  • Smart TV: Access the webcast link using the browser built into your TV. 
  • Chromecast: In the top right corner of your Chrome browser (on your computer), click the 3 dots and select the « Cast… » option. Make sure your computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast device. Google Help Center
  • Other platforms: Access the webcast link using the browser built into your system. 

Yes. To avoid any problems during the live webcast, make sure you have reliable and fast internet access. 

Also avoid overloading your bandwidth by shutting down connected apps on your various devices (audio or video streaming, VPN networks, downloads, etc.). 

Use a website like to troubleshoot your internet connection.

Once your passcode is entered into the video player, it is not recommended to leave the webcast. 

However, if for any reasons you do have to reconnect, you will be able to use the same passcode. A limited number of login attempts are permitted before being blocked out.

If your passcode is blocked before a performance, contact the Palais Montcalm box-office.
418 641-6040 (toll free: 1877 641-6040)

The stream transmitted by the Palais Montcalm offers a high definition image and a quality soundtrack.

If you experience latency, out of sync, or any other problem with the picture or the sound, use a service such as to troubleshoot your connection speed.

Also make sure that the sound level on your device is well adjusted to avoid saturation (audio peak).

The problem does not recover? Refresh the page in your browser (limited reconnections).

If your passcode doesn’t work while entering the virtual concert hall, please make sure:

  • You haven’t shared your passcode with others (only one viewing per code is allowed); 
  • You didn’t make any error when typing your code (try copying and pasting the passcode directly from the e-ticket); 
  • The virtual concert hall is actually open (it opens 30 minutes before the performance).

It still doesn’t work? Contact the Palais Montcalm box-office immediately. 
418 641-6040 (toll free: 1 877 641-6040)

Ce soir

20 H

Steve Hill au Palais Montcalm

Steve Hill joue Jimi Hendrix

Webdiffusion en direct - Ce soir seulement!

Ce soir

20 H

Steve Hill au Palais Montcalm

Steve Hill joue Jimi Hendrix

Webdiffusion en direct - Ce soir seulement!